Pals of the Earth with it records dating as far back as in the mid 80s was known as Nemco Farm an organization which sole interest was into nursing seedlings and tree plantation for environmental preservation and as well creating socio-economic and community co-benefit where these projects were initiated.


With no adequate funding the activities of the organization came to a halt in the late 90s to early 2000 with most of its plantations being encroached by the natives. The only property left standing is its seedling nursing facilities and a tree forest area covering approximately 360 hectares, located in the Central Region of Ghana.


Now, Nemco farm is PALS OF THE EARTH registered under the Department of Registrar General on the 8th of April 2010 as a non-profit organization with a more expanded tentacles, activities and projects


PALS OF THE EARTH (POTE) is a Ghanaian NGO with its projects mainly based in the Western Region of Ghana. Its head office operates from Greater Accra, the national capital of Ghana making it conveniently accessible to stakeholders, donors and partners. Plans are far advanced to extend its activities to Brong Ahafo, Eastern and Central Regions of Ghana in due time.


Pals of the Earth seek to promote fundamental socio-economic development that enhances self-sufficiency and self-reliance for advancement of people within a sustainable framework of development. Pals of the Earth has been in existence and formally attained a legal status to operate as a non-governmental organization by the Registrar Generals Department Ghana in 2010 with registration number G’32,028, Social Welfare registration number DSW/5298 and Accra Metropolitan Assembly registration number A 206/10/928. From 2010 to date Pals of the Earth has been implementing environmental projects.


Between 2010 and 2015 the staffs of the organization were fully involved in the implementation of environmental projects undertaken by the international NGO's by carrying out animation and training/capacity building activities.

Our activities now do not only cover nursing seedlings and tree plantation but extend to awareness creation and general issues regarding environmental protection, Sustainable Farming Practices and the cause, effect and post effects of climate change/ global warming etc.


Most of our advocacy programme is done through the circulation of educative environmental publications such as stickers, brochures and posters.


Seminars and workshops are the major means employed by the Pals of the Earth to disseminate all relevant information regarding the preservation of our environment, its co-inhabitants, green Lifestyle, sustainable Farming, forest and resource management, cause, treats and preventive measures of handling climate change/ global warming. In the light of such activities, POTE hopes to be very effective and dedicated to its course to achieve its objective.

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